Leighton Hollar

Leighton Hollar is a West Indian-American Poet who immigrated from Kingston, Jamaica, to the Bronx, New York, in the early seventies. He expand his craft at poetry reading and workshops through the United States. Leighton, a graduate of Kingston College, Jamaica West Indies, is the author of eight books to date and the publisher of eleven under his Stallion Book Production Label. He also coauthored The Coming of Three Spirits. Cynthia Harris and Gabrielle Lane-Clark are the other two coauthors and kindred spirits. They are both African-Americans who grew up and honed their craft in New York City.


Rhyme Tyme, Leighton’s second book, is an illustrated poetry and coloring books for children (generally aged six to twelve). The illustrations were done by Samantha Fletcher at age twelve. Sacred Vessels is Mr. Hollar’s second adult poetry book, which has a couple of special features. The most distinct being the advertisements, which helped with the cost of publication. Leighton Hollar, now in his sixties, is dedicated to bringing his new pre-kindergarten books to schools and day cares throughout The United States.


Leighton has won many awards at poetry symposiums and from small press magazines. Some of these award include Creative Arts and Science Enterprises’, Accomplishment of Merit Award ’93, Poetic Eloquence‘s Readers Choice Awards ’95, Poet’s Corner Magazine’s, Distinguish Member Award ’97, Famous Poets Society, Certificate of Recognition ’02, and Poetry.Com, Editors’ Choice Award May ’04. Publications include Sensations Magazine ’06, KCOBA Atlanta OnlineNews Letter ’07 and Kingston College Old Boys’ Association USA, Inc. Souvenir Journal ’06, ’08, ’09, ’10, ’11, ’16 and 2018.


Leighton Hollar, a founding member of Blacklight Collective poetry and performance group, performed for over two years on the second Friday of every other month, beginning in September and running through May, at the Prestigious Wembley Athletic Club and could be seen on Thursday nights on Crossover TV with Kendra. In February of ’99, Leighton’s work, a poetry and art composition entitled Soul Under Glass, was given a solo exhibition at the Madeleine Gutman Gallery in the Greenburg town Hall, located in Elmsford, New York. That same year, May ’99, Leighton’s Union and Community Activism led to him being drafted by John Bechtel, former District Organizer of New York State Communist Party, to be running mates for a seat on District 11 Community School Board. John won, but his narrow victory was challenged and overturned after a suspicious recount.


In November of 2007, Leighton Hollar was honored by the North Bronx National Council of Negro Women for his Extraordinary Accomplishment and Community service. You can learn more about Mr. Hollar and view his Poetry Books, Framed Poetry and other works at www.hollarkhan.4t.com; and at www.hollarkhan.wix.com/hollarium where you can purchase these books. For more information you can email Leighton Hollar at: hollarkhan@netzero.net.


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